The Board of Trustees (BOT) is an elected group of parents who govern the school which means they are involved in setting the direction of the school along with the principal. There are 6 areas of governance; these are often called the NAGs (National Administration Guidelines):

  1. Student Learning and Assessment
  2. Self-Review
  3. Personnel
  4. Finance and Property
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Legislative Obligations

Trustees meet monthly and discuss progress in each of these areas. The principal and staff representative are also Board of Trustee members. The principal is responsible to the Board to manage the school in each of these 6 areas on a day to day basis. The Board has policies and statements that support each of these areas.

Beth Ross       (Chairperson)
Jonathan Hamlet    
Karl Johnson    
Tina Burley   
Lisa Papuni
Fiona Craven

Diane Harris    (Staff Representative)
Sharyn Titter   (Board of Trustees Secretary)
Carol Bevis      (Principal)

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Phone: 06 844 2131
Fax: 06 844 2920


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