School Hours and Break Times

We ask that children arrive after 8:25am – this is the time when the Patrol Monitors are on duty at the crossing. Please endeavour to have your child on time to ensure they are ready for an orderly start to the school day.

8.55am – Classes commenceAssembly
10:30-10:50am – Morning Interval
12:25 -1.20pm – Lunch
3.00pm – End of school day

Skool Loop

We encourage our families to download the Skool Loop App to their phone to keep up to date with school newsletters, notices, cancellations etc. Search Google Play or the App Store for Skool Loop and choose Bledisloe School.


Parents are asked to inform the school of their child’s absence and reason for the absence by 9.00am. Please use the Skool Loop app, phone and leave a message on the answer phone 844 2392, send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 027 872 2333. Class teachers mark attendance registers electronically by 9.10am and 1.30pm daily. If children are late they must come to the office before going to their class.


Follow us on facebook for school and community happenings, cancellations, news etc.

School Assemblies

We have a whole school assembly on Friday mornings at 8.55 outside Rooms 1 and 2, weather permitting. We like this to be the time for parents/caregivers to visit classes, talk with staff and celebrate their child's learning. On Friday mornings our courts will be available to park on for this purpose, and you can also park on Windsor Terrace or the Bowling Club carpark on Lee Road.

NewsletterNewsletter Custom

The school newsletter is uploaded every second Friday to Facebook, Skool Loop and here on our website. A hard copy is available to view in the office or on request.


There is limited parking available on our front netball courts, mornings are drop and go only, please be respectful of others when using this area.
In the afternoons the following applies;
Junior Block Rooms 1-4 who are picked up by a car will wait on the deck supervised by staff, at the front of the school.
Middle Block Rooms 5-8
will walk with a teacher to Windsor Terrace to be picked up. Younger siblings will go with them.
Senior Block Rooms 10-13
will walk to Peddie Street for pick up along with younger siblings.
Room 14
students and siblings will be picked up from the Bowling Club carpark on Lee Road.
Children who walk, bike or scoot
home independently will meet Mrs Bevis outside the sickbay doors and walk together, with the road patrollers, to the crossing on Meeanee Road.

Please do not use the staff car park area as a drop off or pick up zone.

Parent Contribution

Our school receives a payment from The Ministry of Education. We will not ask parents for donations or payments for any activities related to the curriculum. We will ask for payment for after school activities, sports, camps or opportunities offered as add-ons or extras to the curriculum.

After School Care

Beyond the Bell run before school, after school and holiday programmes in our school hall. For more information please phone Carol Della Barca on 027 231 3160 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Beyond the Bell FaceBook page:

Lost Property

Lost property is kept in the cloakbay of Room 9. We ask that parents name their child’s clothing – with all children wearing the same garments it is much easier to find the owner and our lost property area doesn’t become congested.

Swimmingswim web Custom

Swimming instruction and water safety are part of the school curriculum in Terms 1 and 4. If a child is unable to swim because of a medical reason, please notify the classroom teacher.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Caravan visits our school yearly. If dental problems occur at any other time, you can contact the Tamatea Hub on 873 4864 and they will connect you to a dental therapist.

Family Profiles

It is important for the benefit of the child that we are notified of any changes in family situations eg. Change of address, telephone number, emergency contacts etc. This can be done at any time throughout the year.

Earthquake and Tsunami Procedures

Living in New Zealand and by the coast means that we need to be very aware of our response in an emergency.

Our first action in an earthquake is to Stop, Drop and Hold.

  • Teachers all have emergency folders with parent contacts. We have emergency bins with supplies and food.
  • If the earthquake was long (over 1 minute) and strong (can't stand up) we will be GONE! As soon as we are able we will marshall our students, line up and walk right up Meeanee Road to Dolbel Reserve. This is our closest high ground.
  • We would be texting parents and families to let you know where we were and you could collect your children when you are able.
  • Our first duty of care is to your children; this is our job. Staff will remain with children for as long as it takes to have them collected. This would be the case if we were at school or evacuated to Dolbel reserve.
  • Please make sure that your contact details and emergency contacts are updated if they change.
  • We practice our drills regulary.


If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to visit our school please don’t hesitate to contact us on (06) 844 2131 or pop in for a visit.